Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King’s Daughter: Simon Brett

A murder mystery ordinarily doesn’t make you laugh. However, Simon Brett not only makes you laugh as you read his mystery, he makes you howl.

Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King’s Daughter is British humor to the max.

In fact, Brett’s dialogue and narrations might leave the impression Monty Python was not comedically endowed—almost. Take for instance: “Blotto knew his sister would have (a name for the deceased). Only had to be introduced to someone once and the name would stick in her retentive brain like a limpet.

Whereas the interior of Blotto’s brain had more in common with a well-used toboggan run, everything slid away down the sides.” And so it goes, a perfect description of these two lovable, quirky characters. Of course, Twinks must find the culprit who left Captain Schotltz in a very deadly state of despair—cyanide is a ghastly way to be snuffed out.

Brits know that only an amateur sleuth has the intellect to resolve this kind of untimely inconvenience. Dowager Duchess insists the body must be removed from Tawcester Towers before her gentlemen guests retire to the billiards room after dinner. Thus, Chief Inspector Trumbull dutifully goes about the boring legwork and stashes the body in the dicky of his car to take to the police station.

You’ll have a jolly good time traversing Mitteleuropia and hunting the fox with the upper crust while Twinks and Blotto deal with mayhem, a King’s social responsibilities and the possibility of true love. You won’t lose sight of the mystery or Brett’s delightful twist on the genre.

This is British humor at its best. Don’t ask if the butler did it—you must wait to see what comes from Twink’s dainty little cranium before the murderer is blissfully uncovered.
Read this. It will go as fast as two tickles on a trout’s tail.

 April 1st, 2016  
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