Evenfall: Liz Michalski

Frank Wildermuth fell in love with Gert Murphy and then, in a strange twist of fate, marries her sister Clara. Despite his betrothal, the love that Frank and Gert share lives on; no matter how many years or miles Gert put between them.

After Gert returns to Frank’s farm, Evenfall, to help him and Clara raise their infant niece, Andi, Gert realizes that the love she and Frank felt for each other so long ago has not dimmed. Unfortunately for Clara, she also sees the bond between her sister and husband; a love she’d always hoped would fade with time.

Now, years later, Frank has passed and Clara before him. Andi returns to Evenfall to help Aunt Gert ready the estate to be sold. Although everything is pretty much as she remembers it, Andi finds that some things have changed—mainly Cort McCallister—a boy she used to babysit and who has loved Andi since he was six years old. Now all grown up, Cort plans to let Andi know just how he feels.

Having just broken things off with her cheating fiancé in Italy, Andi isn’t sure how to deal with her new feelings for Cort or what her future holds.

As Andi and Gert sift through years of memories, they sense a presence at Evenfall; and, when things are quiet, it sounds like the wind is whispering to them—and perhaps it is.

Ms. Michalski does a great job of rendering not only her characters, but creates an almost-tangible imagery that transports the reader and effects such a strong connection to person and place that it’s impossible to stop reading until the very last page has been turned.

Liz Michalski’s Evenfall is the story of three intricately woven lives striving for—if not a happy ending—then at least a second chance.

 April 1st, 2016  
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