The Dangerous Edge of Things: Tina Whittle

Tai Randolph seems to attract death. Inheriting her deceased, confederate-flag-loving uncle’s gun store, Tai quit her job as a tour-guide of the dead in Savannah and moved to Atlanta. After dropping her brother, Eric, off at the airport for his Bahamas vacation, Tai returns home to find the body of a young woman, Eliza Compton, parked across the street.

Adding murder suspect to her growing list of roles, Tai isn’t the only one questioning the timing of her brother’s vacation.

Rifling through Eric’s files, Tai finds two cards and tucks them away for later; one is for Atlanta Police Department Detective Dan Garrity and the other, Marisa Edenfield, partner at Phoenix Corporate Security Services where Eric consults.

After Tai and Eric are questioned by the police, Eric pleads with Tai to stay a few nights at the Ritz just to be safe. Unbeknownst to Tai, Eric has assigned Trey Seaver, former special ops, ex-APD detective and current employee of Phoenix to protect her. Hard to miss with his smoldering good looks, Armani style and focused determination, Tai coaxes Trey into revealing his mission as her babysitter.

After promising to stay in her hotel room, Tai slips out and returns to her brother’s house to do a bit of snooping; however, she’s not alone—other Phoenix agents, including Trey, have beaten her to it.

In a self-defense move, Tai holds Trey at sword-point while she calls Det. Garrity for help. Luckily for Tai, Trey managed to quell any self-defense impulses of his own or things could’ve gotten messy. Det. Garrity fills Tai in on his ex-partner’s serious accident that left him with a permanent brain injury that doesn’t always allow for rationalization before taking often-deadly action.

Tasked with trying to clear not only her name, but her brother’s as well, Tai will do whatever it takes to get to the truth. As if things aren’t dangerous enough, not only must trust a trained killer, but she might also be falling in love with him.

From the Trump-like elite, to beautiful, lesbian strippers, dirty politicians and sleazy paparazzi; Dangerous Edge of Thingshas no shortage of potential suspects.

Fans of Lisa Lutz (The Spellman Files) and K.J. Larsen (Liar, Liar: A Cat Deluca Mystery) will love Tina Whittle. Written with the same wit and charm, Ms. Whittle weaves a tangled tale that is incredibly entertaining, well-constructed and chock full of interesting characters.

With a fantastic mystery series debut that swings for the fences, Tina Whittle is here to stay.

 April 1st, 2016  
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